The Spirit of Friendship

Founded in 2013 by the husband and wife team of JD and Vicky Dixon, Dixon’s Distilled Spirits was the first craft distillery in Guelph, Ontario. With diverse backgrounds in sales, laboratory services, operations and production management, the Dixon’s story began with a casual conversation over drinks on the backyard deck and quickly evolved into a mission to share their love for fine spirits with people across Ontario and beyond.

We’re passionate about taking quality, local, natural products and fashioning them into artisanal small-batch spirits. The raw material was in our backyard and our fascination for craft distilling ingrained, so we set out to create 100 per cent Made in Canada spirits for those who appreciate libations that are literally forged from the land.

Our Spirits

To us, “hand-crafted” is more than a crafty marketing slogan.

It defines Dixon’s no-nonsense commitment to flavour and craftsmanship that’s winning over consumers as well as industry experts who know their spirits. In 2018 alone, Flaming Caesar Vodka, Wicked Citrus Gin and Wicked Licorice Gin were all winners at the World Drinks Awards.

It starts with spirits fermented from Ontario-grown corn, then distilled 18 times (compared to the industry average of three to five times). Carbon filtering for 30 hours removes the harsher tones but leaves a hint of the corn’s sweetness behind. And let’s not forget Guelph’s famously pure, clean water. The result: crystal-clear, smooth-as-silk spirits that we use to make all of our premium gin, vodka and whisky products.

Visit the distillery to taste the difference for yourself. Or ask about Dixon’s at your local LCBO outlet.