Wickedly smooth Caesars made easy with Flaming Caesar Vodka

Flaming Caesar

GUELPH, Ont., May 2, 2018 — Add a spicy new twist to a Canadian tradition with Flaming Caesar Vodka from Dixon’s Distilled Spirits.

The award-winning craft distiller is pleased to announce that its new Flaming Caesar Vodka (LCBO #545186) is available at LCBO stores across Ontario. Now you can mix a delicious, savoury Caesar just as easily as pouring a rye and coke. There’s nothing else like it on the market today, says Dixon’s co-founder Jeremie (JD) Dixon.

“Pre-mixed, canned Caesar cocktails sacrifice taste for convenience. That creates a unique opportunity for our premium product that offers convenience but also delivers on flavour big-time in a way that pre-mixed cocktails simply cannot match,” says Dixon.

Founded in 2013, Dixon’s Distilled Spirits uses Ontario-grown grain to produce a variety of hand-crafted gin, vodka and whisky products.

Made with Dixon’s signature Silvercreek Vodka, Flaming Caesar is naturally infused with hand-picked ingredients to create a vodka packed with flavour and heat. To make the perfect Caesar, just mix with your favourite brand of clam and tomato cocktail. No muss, no fuss.

It’s that no-nonsense focus on flavour and craftsmanship that continues to help Dixon’s win over fans with a taste for artisanal, small-batch spirits. It’s also earning kudos from the industry. This spring, Flaming Caesar Vodka was awarded best Canadian vodka in the Flavoured Vodka category at the 2018 World Vodka Awards. Dixon’s Wicked Licorice Gin and Wicked Citrus Gin were both winners at the 2018 World Gin Awards: Wicked Licorice was the best Canadian gin in the Old Tom Gin category, while Wicked Citrus was the best Canadian gin in the Contemporary category for the second year in a row.

Flaming Caesar Vodka is now available at over 150 LCBO outlets across Ontario along with Dixon’s other new offering, Gin Fusion Sparkling Lemon Cocktail (LCBO # 554014). A crisp and refreshing blend of Wicked Gin and pure sparkling water naturally flavoured with lemon, Gin Fusion is a delicious low-sugar alternative to syrupy-sweet coolers.

To learn more about these exciting products and Dixon’s entrepreneurial journey from start-up to award-winning distillery, contact:

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