New year, new lower price ​for premium Silvercreek Vodka

Fairy Godmother

Guelph, Ontario, Jan. 7, 2019 — The new year is off to a wicked smooth start with a little help from award-winning Dixon’s Distilled Spiritsand a permanent $5 price reduction on bottles of their premium Silvercreek Vodka.

Now everyone who enjoys the crisp, clean taste of local hand-crafted spirits can take home a 750 ml bottle of Silvercreek Vodka for just $29.95.

“We’re proud to offer our premium vodka for about the same price as regular mass-produced brands,” said Dixon’s co-founder Jeremie (JD) Dixon. “Silvercreek Vodka is crafted from 100 per cent Ontario corn. The spirit is distilled 17 times and carbon filtered for 30 hours — it pours crystal-clear in the glass and is smooth as silk with no aftertaste.”

Like all of Dixon’s products, Silvercreek Vodka has a subtle aroma and a crisp, clean taste with a hint of pear and peppery spice with a bready undertone. It’s easy drinking and makes a perfect martini or base for your favourite cocktail.

Founded in 2013, Guelph’s first small-batch distiller has built a reputation for craftsmanship and flavour that’s winning over fans of high quality, hand-crafted gin, vodka and whisky products. In the past year alone, Dixon’s has racked up honours from the World Drinks Awardsfor Flaming Caesar Vodka, Wicked Citrus Gin and Wicked Licorice Gin.

You’ll find Silvercreek Vodka in the premium vodka section at the LCBO. Or drop by the Dixon’s distillery in the north end of Guelph, where all of Dixon’s products are available for purchase. 

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